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L'obiettivo del governo tedesco è quello di realizzare un moderno, l'approvvigionamento energetico del clima, sostenibile e sicuro per la Germania. A tale scopo, l'uso delle energie rinnovabili sarà ampliato con rigore ed efficienza energetica saranno ulteriormente aumentati con l'obiettivo delle energie rinnovabili la quota principale di contribuire alla fornitura di energia

– Ambulatorio di Ministero federale tedesco per l'ambiente, la conservazione della natura e della sicurezza nucleare

La Germania ha adottato un tuffo in energia rinnovabile, nel tentativo di eliminare gradualmente l'energia nucleare.

Wind Turbine Moderna

As they do this, nations from East to West are keeping their eyes on the nation as it pursues its long term goal to become the world’s first industrial power to run off of one hundred percent renewable energy. In order to do this, the German government has instituted plans that will lead the nation to produce a third of its electricity by renewable sources within ten years. This goal is to be furthered by the nation as it works to generate eighty percent of its energy consumption by the year 2050. Germany’s ambition is causing other industrialized nations to carefully watch and to see for themselves just how possible it is to run a nation off of renewable energy. An article that covers the issue explains the importance in Germany’s attempt by quoting U.S. economist Jeremy Rifkin, who has advised the European Union and Angela Merkel (the current Chancellor of Germany), by explaining that “Germany can’t afford to fail, because the whole world is watching them”(The Associated Press). Germany currently uses a myriad of renewable energy types such as solar energy, wind power, hydroelectric power, biomass, and biogas. In fact, Germany is a top world competitor in the solar electric field (along with the United States, Japan, and China) and the wind industry among nations such as Denmark, the United States, and Spain. The aforementioned article also states that in June 2011, the nation passed the twenty percent mark for drawing electric power from a mix of wind, solar and other renewable sources. The Associated Press’s article also states that, “the movement toward renewable energy has also changed the German job market. Some 370,000 people in Germany now have jobs in the renewable sector, more than double the number in 2004, a point used as proof that tax payers’ investment is paying off.” Personally, I think that Germany is setting a great example in the realm of energy production. While Germany’s ambition is truly remarkable, the nation has decided to take on a lot of responsibly. For the sake of a better tomorrow, I wish them luck.


Feldheim, Village tedesco, alimentato da energia rinnovabile

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