Energia 101

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Energia 101-by IEA Socio Fondatore: Andrew Hunter


Energy is arguably one of the most important environmental topics to date. Although it is an important environmental issue entirely on its own, directly or indirectly, energy relates in some form to all environmental issues and concerns. Take urban planning for example. Direct involvement derives from the amount and type of energy source required to heat an office building. Indirect involvement includes the preliminary designs associated with choosing a geographically desirable location where homes and stores are in the near proximity to reduce a high consumption of energy typically required in commuting.

Listed below are important ideas that provide a basic understanding concerning energy, the focus of the IEA.

Fonti energetiche non rinnovabili

Non-renewable energy sources cannot be produced or used on a scale sustainable for future generations. Therefore, these energy sources can be completely depleted.

Examples of non-renewable energy sources include fossil fuels such as olio, carbone e gas naturali.

Fonti di energia sostenibili

fonti di energia sostenibili hanno disponibilità a lungo termine in grado di soddisfare le esigenze attuali e future. Essi ricostituire anche da soli e sono ad alta efficienza energetica, (si ottiene molta più energia fuori che abbiamo messo in produrlo).

Gli esempi includono fusione nucleare e masterizzazione (pulito) rifiuti domestici.

Fonti di energia rinnovabile

Renewable energy sources are those that meet the same requirements as sustainable energy sources, with an additional responsibility to leave minimal impact on the planet. They do not pollute the environment and ecosystems, and lessen global warming. If an energy source is renewable, it is automatically sustainable.

Esempi di fonti di energia rinnovabili sono biomassa, geotermica, idroelettrica, idrogeno, onde oceaniche e maree, correnti del fiume, solare e vento.

Efficienza energetica

Energy efficiency is important when discussing renewable energy. In some cases, even though a new and interesting energy source is researched and proven sustainable, it may require almost as much energy to produce the sustainable energy as the sustainable source generates. Energy efficiency is not a new term and is used to describe many traditional technologies such as home insulation and car fuel efficiency.

indipendenza energetica

L'indipendenza energetica è un'altra questione energetica. Maggior parte dei governi piacerebbe molto per essere energeticamente indipendenti, e non necessitano di un approvvigionamento di energia da altre nazioni. Ad esempio, gli Stati Uniti preferirebbero che non era dipendente da altre nazioni per il petrolio.

Energy Conservation

Energy conservation is especially important when using non-renewable energy sources. Essentially, conserving these resources will enable them to last longer. Somewhat less obvious and often overlooked is the fact that these sources create harmful greenhouse gases and acid rain. Conservation can be important for renewable energy sources as well. For Although hydroelectric power is generated from a dam and renewable, building a new dam can cause massive environmental changes upstream.

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